Tue, Jan29, in the late hours

Returning to the hotel (late) last night, I ran into my old classmate from the Buffalo poetics program, Bill Howe aka William R. Howe. (New York really is like a small town, you run into old friends all the time.) He and his wife L.A. are here with their press Slack Buddha, one of the great press names of all time. Apparently, of late they've been making many a chapbook at a furious pace, and an occasional letterpress chapbooks on their Chandler & Price machine, as well as being engaged as usual in many other projects. I'm looking forward to seeing what they've done.

(Here we see Bill taking an important 2am call, probably from Random House complaining that Slack Buddha is eating into their US sales.)

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John Sakkis said...


loving the blog.

but make sure to get some blog time in under the influence of late night whiskey imbibing...