Monday, Jan 28, 5:08pm

SPD’s first experiment in “real time” blogging begins! Tomorrow morning I’ll get up somewhere in the highly unusual zone of the 6’s, get myself to the Oakland airport, fly Jet Blue to New York (O sweet coast-to-coast television), and prepare for three days of wall-to-wall poets and fiction writers at the:

As often as we can, Laura and I will check in with brief reports of what it’s like to be in NYC surrounded by 7,000+ creative writers (largely poets, I firmly believe). For the record, we’ve done this before (Palm Springs, Austin, Atlanta) but they tell us this AWP conference will be bigger than in previous years, plus it’ll be in mid-town New York (which apparently is a pretty major city on the east coast). We’ll tell you who we run into, be they famous, semifamous, infamous, antifamous or afamous. The books, the writers, the readings, the parties, the fatigue, the playing bongo drums in the Hilton in our berets, everything that makes AWP so special.


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