Thurs., Jan 31, afternoon

The parade of faces begins, many new, many familiar. Here's just a few (we can't possibly get everyone, and apologies also if i misspell any names, or get them wrong entirely. This is Live!). LOTS of traffic around our booth, although other publishers in other "halls" report less active passersby.

(Above, Amy Catanzano of Naropa)

(Above, Lawrence Schimel, of new SPD Press A Midsummer Night's Press)

(Above, Eric Lorberer of Rain Taxi. Later I learned there was a fierce argument at the bars as to whether the color of his shirt was salmon, watermelon, or cranberry.)

(Above, Laura talks to Joan Retallack.)

(Above, Michael Marcinkowski, the Web Producer for the Poetry Foundation, and only poet at the show taller than I am. At nearly 6 foot 9, I believe he is taller than Kit Robinson, whom I had previously suspected to be the tallest poet in America.)

(Above, Jessica Smith, blogger & writer & publisher & new NY resident.)

This is a very small sampling, but maybe it give an idea what being at a table at a literary bookfair is like (although WHY anyone would want to know that is its own curious question). There's a lot of talking, a lot of meeting people, a lot of quietly looking down at the badge of someone whose name you probably SHOULD know. But more importantly, there's also been a lot of selling of books so far, and it's really lovely to see the enthusiasm for the titles.

Last, reaching for the heights of self-reflexivity, here is an image of your inveterate cub blogger even whilst he blogs upon blogger rather than lunching:



rodney k said...

Go, cub blogger. Enjoying your posts. Now eat, eat!

Behrle said...

I love Marchinkowski

rebecca for moderns said...

marcinkowski is maximus heir!

Behrle said...

Obama-Big Mike 08

Lawrence Schimel said...

Good to meet y'all in person!

Hope it was a successful Conference for SPD.

And I know it was live so these things happen, but fyi I'm Schimel. :-)