Thurs., Jan 31, late evening

I was getting a little tired of taking so many pictures of the parade of people and faces, no matter how lovely and valiant-in-the-service-of-literature, so I tried taking pictures of shoes instead. You can tell a lot by a person's shoes & all. However, let's be gentle dear readers--these are mostly small press publishers dressing to stand in a booth for 8 hours. Even so, I give you the SHOES OF THE AWP:

(Above, I was partly persuaded here by the quality of the pants. These fine italian's belong to always well-dressed Eric Keenaghan. Jeffrey Lependorf's last-second entry into the contest can be seen in the lower left.)

(Above, Matvei Yankelevich of Ugly Ducking, left, with Cris Mattison of Zephyr Press, right. Someone should make a shoe out of this section of the Hilton's carpet.)

(Above, Rebecca Wolff and Joshua M. Potter of Fence Books, demonstrating the range of options available to the AWP goer.)

(Above, Rusty Morrison and Ken Keegan of Omnidawn, looking a far sight more comfortable than I was today.)

(Above, unnamed publisher at the CLMP party. Mostly I appreciated the break on the pants.)

(Above is the runner up, whose name I sadly didn't get. Same with the WINNER, below, based less on the shoes of course than their furry traveling companions.)

(Note that the corner of my own shoe made it in to that last photo. Seeking its own kind of deflected glory, no doubt.)

(Vote for your own favorite. Vote often, as the votes will certainly not be tallied.)

On that note, day one of the Bookfair is in the bag. G'night.



EILEEN said...


O Tall, Affable One -- was delighted to see your shoe, its narrow tapering bordering on fashionista sensitivity.


ma vie en bling said...

How one knows one's disposition is too nervous for the AWP: a great rise in anxiety simply at the photos so many shoes.

Kelli said...

love the shoe photos and Twilight G. is easily the best name.

Thanks for the glimpse of AWP, while I remain at home in the NW.

And I found this blog by way of Jeannine Hall Gailey's blog who had a link.